Ambesh in office
Hello, there! I’m Ambesh Tiwari, an entrepreneurial marketer, and Personal Branding Consultant. And I help professionals and early startups escalate their business as brand, with my proven strategies 
You might be busy running a business or trying to create an impact on the society through your marvelous Idea. You will agree that single personal can’t do everything by their own. You might be good on what you are doing but what about your Branding, and without a proper branding how your target audience will know you even exist.
Don’t worry, let me take that burden off your shoulders. With over 8+ years of experience in planning and executing constructive marketing and branding strategies for startups and professionals with expertise and knowledge. 
I am the Founder of a startup India recognized company named as BDA Technologies Pvt Ltd. Where me and my team is continuously working to building digital arena for my clients as well as my employees. I also host a popular business podcast named ‘Ambesh Tiwari Show’, a show which documents the journey of emerging entrepreneurs. 

If you want to become a well-known brand, you just have to do is listen. I will create the best path for you, you just have to walk on with my guidance. And in no time, you will become a leading brand. The guarantee is mine.

My life story

I was born and brought up in a middle-class family in Bihar. I was the younger and naughtiest child in my family. Well, I was average in studies but I had a curious mindset. I always looked for reason behind anything. I always had a crush on Indian army uniform.
I tried joining Indian army many times but couldn’t make it (that’s a long story) and that’s why I kept my company logo in dark olive green.

I completed my education in Bihar. I secured the first division in Matriculation and similar results in intermediate exams. I graduated with BTech in electronics and telecommunication from BPUT, Odisha. I also hold a PGDBA in International Marketing from Symbiosis University, Pune. 
I have also studied Brand Management from the University of London and Personal Branding from the University of Virginia. 

After completing graduation, I choose to join Zen technologies in which I was selected in the campus placement as Support engineer to satisfy my love for India Army. In Zen Technologies I worked closely with all grade of officer of the Indian Army and other state police forces. I trained & helped them in operating simulators & other types of equipment. Working in Zen Technologies kind of fulfilled my dream of working with the Indian Army. 
I was able to grab three promotions in 3 years. Started as a Support executive, and in just three years, I was the Assistant Manager in Business Development. Let me share a secret with you, I never wanted to become a marketer but my superior found these skills in me and convinced me to shift me in business development profile. And I did it to keep their words.(hahaha) 
Everything was going fine, my pay and perks had increased exponentially, but still, something was missing. With passing time, I realized that working with the Indian Army and working in the Indian Army has a big difference. 
So, I decided to give it a shot, again. I resigned from my well-paying job to pursue my dream. And I had last year in my hand.

Even after one year of hard work and multiple attempts, I wasn’t able to qualify 5 days of SSB exam for the Indian Army. Maybe God has planned something else for me. . So, I decided to get back in what I was best.  I started helping company to grow their business but as a consultant, and it was relatively easy for me because of my business development knowledge and experience.
At this moment, I realized that having a digital presence help businesses to get trust and growing become easy and less effort is required to do the same.  Similar as Abraham Lincoln said. 
“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.
If a business has a better digital presence, then it will be relatively easy to grow.

In 2017, I launched my first company, BDA Technologies Private Limited, in which BDA means “Building Digital Arena”, with the vision to help business by deliver transformative IT and Digital services to grow their revenue.
BDA Technologies was growing at a good pace. In between, I keep experimenting with a new thing and started working on Branding & especially, Personal Branding, and the power that it holds in today’s world. I believe that anyone can copy your product and services, but the thing that influences the growth of its product and services is the person behind it, the ‘face’ of the company.
So, to test my theory I decided to provide personal branding services to my few selected clients. After seeing the magnificent results of those few clients, I decided to launch a Separate division of my company as BrandingChef. A platform where I and my dedicated team help professionals and entrepreneurs to grow their brand and stand out from the competition.